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Send children to school for education

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Khyber Social Welfare Society (KWS) calls on communities to enroll their children in schools and to change their living conditions through attaining higher education.
Education provides a ladder to uplift the skills of people which in turn becomes helpful to attain the objectives of higher incomes, outcomes, and growths. Human skills and knowledge can be promoted through the formal education system such as education at schools, colleges, and universities. The expansion of quantitative education would accelerate economic growth and would improve the level of living of the people especially the poor; it would create greater employment opportunities for all the classes of society; and it would put to end sectarianism, ethnicism, and religious dogmatism by broadening the outlook of the people.

our main goals

The primary goal of the “Education for Every Child: Send Children to School” campaign is to facilitate and promote the enrollment and retention of children in schools, with a specific focus on those facing financial, social, or geographical barriers to education. We aim to achieve this goal through a multi-faceted approach that includes:

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send child to school

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