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The Grammar House Public High School Sultankhail Landikotal , it’s the only high school for the Sultankhail Communities Landikotal valley. The school has 10 teachers, a principal and 5 support staff. Every year the school enrolls students in class 1. It has about 400 students in all the ten classes (class 1 – class 10).

The school is in the hilly area of the Landikotal. During the time of break student run around and push one another, keeping in view the location of the school the principal and the teachers hold meeting and agreed on to have a few First Aid Kites in the school to treat common injuries such as cuts, scrapes, bruises, sprains, and more if occurred at the break time to the students. To procure the mentioned Kites, the school principle/teachers approached the KWS Executive Director to purchase the First Aid Kites to the Grammar House Public High School Sultankhail Landikotal. The ED of the KWS procured five first Aid Kit to the School and organized one day practical training workshop to explain:

  • What is First Aid Kite Used for
  • The Importance of Having a First Aid Kit

The workshop was conducted on 15/8/2023 inside the Grammar House Public High School Sultankhail Landikotal. About 300 students from class 1st to class 10th including the teachers participated in the workshop. A school teacher, Mr. Aimal Afridi inaugurated the workshop. He welcome the Chief Guest, Mr. Maawia the Chairman of the Khyber Welfare Society, principal, teachers and students to the workshop. He told us the overview and how to use the First Aid Kites.

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