Sports Gala at Landikotal by Khyber Welfare Society

The Khyber Welfare Society organized Sport Gala on September 9, 2023, at Grammar House Public High School. The purpose of the gala sport was to divert students from drug use and to focus on their study. The game was inaugurated by Haji Muhammad Iqbal, managing director of the school. The encounter played in the game was students of class 6 and class 9. The match started at 10:30 and ended at 11:45 am and on the basis of good performance the school committee announced 6 class as the winner. The entire cost of the sport gala was borne by Dream Air Services Travel & Tours located in Board, Peshawar.

Location : G.H.P.H School ground Sultan Khel Landi Kotal District Khyber. Match starting

Sponsored by : Dream Air Services Travel & Tours.

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