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W e at KWS also work to non-specific projects. It includes different welfare projects like installation of street lights, marriage of poor girls, and managing food for poor and needy people. We carry out these different projects at more than one locations so that maximum number of people can avail the benefits. This all is happened in practical with the financial aid of our friends and donors.

We are still looking forward to work in more areas and expand our horizon. For this the whole team of KWS is planning continuously and whole heatedly. Alhamdulillah we have succeeded till now and also confident to help our more of our needy and deserving brothers and sisters.

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We are as yet anticipating work in more territories and extend our frame of reference. For this the entire group of KWS is arranging persistently and entire heatedly. Alhamdulillah we have prevailing till now and furthermore sure to help our a greater amount of our destitute and meriting Pakistanis.