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I n our clean water project we install water hand-pumps at different locations in the rural areas. Clean drinking water is the basic necessity for every human being. But unfortunately there are hundreds of people who are living without the easy access of this facility. So, KWS is on its go to install hand-pumps for the clean water which will be full of nutrition and minerals.

Our main target is to install these hand-pumps at the rural areas because people in these areas cannot afford to bear its installation cost. So, for this we at KWS, with the financial aid of our respected donors, make this possible to achieve our this target and project.

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Our principle target is to introduce these hand-siphons at the country zones since individuals in these zones can't stand to shoulder its establishment cost. Along these lines, for this we at KWS, with the monetary guide of our regarded givers, make this conceivable to accomplish our this objective and undertaking.