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Historical Background

Khurram Welfare Society – (KWS) is a local non-political Organization. It has been established on 2010 by the General Meeting at Village Khurram Hithar, attended many people from village. This Local NGO was formed according to the willingness of the community people in a view to deal with the present health and education problems in different villages by means of good understanding and sharing the problems each other and to find out the best way of solving the problems through free discussion and people participation in the decision making and get-together under an umbrella of Khurram Welfare Society (KWS).

We are committed, eager and confident to achieve our goal to bring prosperity and high life standards in all the rural areas of our beloved home land. For this we also need the help and assistance of friends in the shape of donors and volunteers.

Our Vision

KWS visualized a society-poverty free, socially, economically self-reliant and conscious about basic rights and human dignity.

Our Mission

Khurram Welfare Society (KWS) is working and assist the needy and neglected people at grass root level and find access to sustain in the society with due dignity. Therefore Khurram Welfare Society (KWS) will take all necessary initiatives /measures towards empowerment and self-determinations of community people enabling them to solve their own socio-economic problems by themselves towards poverty elevation.

President's Message

W e founded this NGO because of we want to give an opportunity to help the poor children, people and youths in Pakistan. We also want to spread happiness and prosperity to our children who miss the opportunity of availing the good standards of life.

I am happy to say, we have been blessed with generous donors and a dedicated volunteers, due to which our expectations have been surpassed. I am also looking forward to have more helping hands for us to keep the mission of KES alive and in working state. What we do best is help to cultivate the core skills needed to become and remain responsible citizens: sensory awareness, imagination, and systems thinking. We focus on tuning into the world around us and using it to practice solving real problems and making real discoveries.

This helps students to be present in the here and now, as well as to prepare for solving future problems in a rapidly changing world. It requires looking beyond the obvious, seeking patterns others might not have noticed, figuring out how disparate things might be connected, and effectively communicating findings.

We are so much great full to Allah for empowering us to give this modest support of the meriting and destitute. My unique gratitude to the Trustees and staff who have both commitment monetarily and with their time and exertion to make this endeavor suitable and fruitful. We ask we can proceed on this street with foresight, energy and capability.

Abdul Ghaffar
President KWS

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We believe in the happier society where every human being is having all the facilities and standards of the life. For this we are struggling hard to provide all the necessities of life the needy and deserving people of rural areas. We arrange uniform, shoes, books, ration packs in the Holly month of Ramadan, and many other social activities. These all efforts are made just for the humanity and for the blessings of Al-Mighty Allah.